Supreme intimacy

The Atol collection is an evocation of the islands, a world preserved with precise contours and strong links with its environment.

Designed as a bubble open to the world, Atol protects the privacy of its occupants without ever breaking the attachment to the external universe.

INTIMACY ... IN Supreme Mode

  • Atol are islands that blend into their surroundings in a delicate way? They are autonomous worlds.
  • Regular air changes are ensured by the presence of an integrated ventilation in the ceilings.

Sound intimacy

Discretion ... in supreme mode

BORA has been designed to bring total peace of mind. The privacy of conversations is preserved.

A perforated box ceiling ensures sound absorption. Double-glazed walls also provide acoustic insulation. BORA is a delicious silent bubble.

Visual intimacy

Refinement ... in supreme mode

MAHE punctuates spaces with a singular design that is respectful of the place that welcomes it.

Its clean lines blend naturally.

Its flush door reinforces perfect visual linearity. MAHE subtly flatters the look.