Our service does not stop with your partitions.

The purpose of your project is to live comfortably with your teams.

Every detail, every element helps to make your daily life easier

The collection of our In-Fine accessories adapts to your uses and your needs.
They are divided into functional categories: to inform, to wear, to write, to attenuate, to suspend, to maintain.
This dynamic range follows your trends and your personality.
  • By choosing our various accessories in the In-Fine range (, you benefit from a unique delivery to the address of your choice.
  • All our accessories are delivered with their mounting attachment.


Horloge à 4 fuseaux horaires
Horloge multifonctions
Horloge classique
Vitrine d'affichage légale


Porte documents transparent déplaçable
Patères métalliques et colorées


Verre laqué magnétique
Tableau blanc classique
Tablette a feutres
Paperboard Magnétique
Accessoires d'écriture


Panneaux pour ajuster l'ambiance acoustique de votre espace


Kits de suspension
Fixations aimantables


Kit d'aimantation pour accessoires légers
Aimants pour vos documents
Fixations aimantables