The intimate space

The Ulteem collection has four major advantages:

a high acoustic performance, an absolute modularity, a refinement of details and a lasting spirit.

It unites steel and glass in all modes (flush bonded, framed or edge to edge).

Everything is linear, elegant and easily movable.

It creates the ideal space to preserve comfort and privacy at work.

Space in Ulteem mode

  • It is made to the dimensions and decorations specific to each site.
  • Its height can reach 6 m
  • Its junctions can be made according to the desired angle.
  • It comes in capping or recessed track.
  • Its structure can be assembled with or without poles.
Sound insulation from 34 to 56dB (Rw)

Flush bonded glass on frame

The epure ... in Ulteem mode

This finish highlights the prospects of a single line. It energizes spaces, erases breaks.

Sound insulation up to 52dB (Rw)

Glass beads

Independence ... in Ulteem mode

Each glass module is isolated, independent from the others thanks to thin steel uprights.

You are free to set the pace.

Sound insulation up to 52dB (Rw)

Frameless glass

Elegance ... in Ulteem mode

Here, the posts disappear and the volumes seem to lighten up.

Absolute transparency, optimal aesthetics. Glass expresses itself fully.

Sound insulation up to 49dB (Rw)

Full wall magnetizable edge to edge

Audacity ... in Ulteem mode

This magnetic finish combines the opposites: solidity and refinement, utility and aesthetics.

Sound insulation up to 56dB (Rw)