CERENN Général Contracting

Very often, our customers users or investors solicit us for general contracting. From this request, we made an expertise with a strong added value.

Our goal: to relieve you of any constraint.

The creation of a new space often requires the coordination of many trades. With the constraints that this means: optimal sequence of interventions, shared presence of premises, respect of schedules and budgets…

With CERENN General Contracting, we sought to create a global solution that brings together the best specialists from our teams or our referenced partners.

We claim proven knowledge and the culture of an expert partner, responsive and agile to enable you to create and offer spaces that meet the expectations of your teams or your customers.

We maintain a unique bond with you and federate multiple skills without you having to worry about them.

Among our project managers, you will have access to specialists of turnkey projects. They integrate in their skills the state of the finishings required for such projects. They study all your needs and give you a technical and financial offer associated with a schedule.

Then we do all the work assuming full responsibility for compliance, safety, costs and deadlines. This is another way to help you accomplish your projects.

Your next workspace is necessarily strategic in scope. We care about the details so that you only have to worry about decisions.

Cleaning, masonry, carpentry, electricity … We intervene and coordinate the best specialists.

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