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Cekens, a fireproof design!

The EI 60 fire-rated partition: architect’s technical reference

The Cekens partition is a demountable bi-block fire-rated partition with 90 mm thickness and a recessed rail. Available in solid or glazed configuration, the Cekens collection complies with the current European EI 60 standards. It is manufactured to the specific dimensions and designs of each project and can reach heights of up to 4 m. Cekens is the ideal combination of safety and brightness. Offering the same aesthetics as the Ulteem steel range, Cekens combines design and security.

Evidence in images at the Hippodrome de Paris Longchamp designed and imagined by Dominique Perrault Architecture. A committed architectural design that is very streamlined, simple, and elegant, allowing views and light to pass through the buildings.

Elegance meets performance standards. The range of doors associated with the Cekens collection complies with the same fire regulations, thus complementing the offer to meet the aesthetic demands of our clients.

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Offering the same aesthetics as the Ulteem steel collection, Cekens in its solid and glazed configurations is the perfect technical response to the EI 60 standard.

Finesse and transparency

In its glazed configurations, Cekens allows the fire-rated partition to blend into the decor while letting light pass through the building. It is the subtle alliance of top-notch technology and design. In its single-glazed version, it installs with finesse and knows how to remain discreet in your spaces.

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