Infinite Simplicity

Arpège, a collection that blends simplicity, aesthetics, and infinite customization

Regardless of the space you envision, Arpège is our inherently versatile collection. It can be merged into multiple configurations, allowing you to imagine and specify various atmospheres within the same project. You can have spaces with a distinct industrial design or seamless ambiences just meters apart, all with a single collection: Arpège. With a standard thickness of 74 mm, Arpège comes in 3 configurations and 6 variations, providing numerous possibilities.

In its cover trim version, it plays the card of supreme modularity and closely follows current industrial trends. In its solid and glass-edge-to-edge versions, the collection brings transparency, refinement, and sobriety. Arpège is a true “chameleon” partition. Around a common technical and acoustic base, you can use various materials (wood, glass, coatings…) and create ambiences with different calming or dynamic colors. Through this interplay of textures and graphics, you can bring together all the contemporary codes of living, hospitality, or technology to create your shared spaces.

Unique & Customizable Solutions


Arpège : a solution that combines minimal aesthetics with maximum efficiency. Designed as a timeless object with multiple combinations, Arpège positions our aluminum partitions as an obvious choice for sharing your workspaces… quite simply.

Workshop Spirit

When the home invades the office, glass partitions take their place in your workspaces! The industrial and authentic atmospheres of artists’ workshops are now essential decorative elements both at home and in the office. The goal is to partition space while retaining maximum light and privacy.

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