Unique & Adjustable Solutions


Are you looking for maximum confidentiality?

Explore Ulteem and Emergence, our collections designed for maximum acoustic performance. Ulteem, our steel-crafted collection, is the ultimate reference in acoustic partitions and can achieve up to 53 dB in its full configurations. Its aluminum counterpart, Emergence, can reach up to 52 dB.



With a thickness of 90 mm, the Ulteem collection offers unparalleled acoustic performance. Its aesthetics, durability, and resistance make it the steel reference in the market. Its two-piece design provides users with modularity in simplicity. Elegant with its smooth wrap-around finish, its recessed smooth finish gives it a light and airy appearance.



Craving a warm working environment ?

Discover Emergence, our latest collection! In its full edge-to-edge version, Emergence embodies elegant discretion. By eliminating visible uprights, it transforms into a two-piece wood partition, edge to edge. The secret to its design: panels juxtaposed without hollow joints and perfectly straight.


Workshop Spirit

In search of an industrial and authentic atmosphere ?

Explore our Arpège and Emergence collections. Through the combination of tight patterns and our glazed configurations with full joint cover and solid spandrel, you can partition your spaces while maintaining maximum light and confidentiality in a decidedly trendy spirit!


High Ceilings

Simply grand !

In their closed, solid, or glazed configurations, the Emergence and Ulteem collections allow you to reach dizzying heights, soaring up to 4.5 meters. It’s the ideal solution for large volumes, logistics platforms, and industrial design.



Whatever space you envision, Arpège is inherently agile!

Merging into multiple configurations, it allows you to imagine and specify different atmospheres within the same project. You can seamlessly coexist industrial-style spaces or environments without a break in continuity with Arpège, the collection that combines ease of implementation, aesthetics, and infinite customization.



A design tested against fire !

Discover Cekens, our EI 60 fire-rated collection, the technical reference for architects. With a thickness of 90 mm and available in solid or glazed configurations, Cekens features a recessed smooth finish and complies with current European EI 60 standards. It’s the perfect combination of safety and luminosity.


Autonomous Pods

Need confidential private spaces ?

Explore Atol, our collection designed as an evocation of islands, a preserved world with precise contours and strong connections to its environment. Customizable and flexible, they can accommodate from 1 to 6 people. For your comfort, Atol has the advantage of offering excellent technical and acoustic performance. Settle in and breathe!