CSR at the heart of our professions

At Cerenn, we consider our social responsibility broadly, through concrete actions in the short or medium term, placing humans at the center of our actions, and keeping our roots and influence in our historical territories as a priority.

Our CSR policy is built around three pillars:

Societal and social approach

Environmental approach

Ethical economic approach

Our Societal Approach

Cerenn owes its wealth to its geographical historical roots and the long-standing mastery of all the necessary expertise in its professions. We have consciously chosen “Made in France” because we believe our factories are located in areas with a strong historically industrial culture.

Wood, steel, and carpentry have been traditions ever-present in Champagne and Alsace, the cradles of our factories. Our agencies are at the heart of the primary economic basins, allowing us to be recognized actors in our ecosystems and be close to learning institutions and the university world.

Our actions revolve around

Training and integration

By continually hosting interns, alternates, and recent graduates, as well as holding prominent professional mandates related to training, promoting trades, and integration (e.g., FFB). We also choose suppliers who prioritize the integration of workers in certain areas.

Societal and associative commitment

It is our duty to support local associations and engage with professional organizations. We support local sports associations for young people in neighborhoods and have been actively involved in the governance of professional associations for many years to promote our professions and our vision of a company capable of training, integrating, and ensuring the longevity of young people in employment and education.

Art and culture

For several years, we have supported the artistic world, particularly through incubators for young contemporary artists to create and enhance their reputation.

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Gender Equality


D’année en année, la parité progresse régulièrement chez Cerenn avec un taux de xxx % de femmes dans les effectifs, et pour certaines équipes (bureau d’étude par exemple), la parité est atteinte !

En dehors de l’entreprise, pour défendre la place des femmes sur nos territoires, nous soutenons le sport féminin

Year after year, gender equality is steadily improving at Cerenn, and for certain teams (such as the engineering department), gender parity has been achieved!

Outside the company, to advocate for women’s roles in our territories, we support women’s sports.


We place great importance on establishing ethical and responsible business relationships, whether with our clients in compliance with the Sapin II law or with our suppliers, imposing a reliable legal framework and payment deadlines strictly in accordance with applicable laws. Demanding with them, we also consider them as valuable partners.

Our Environmental Approach

Reducing our carbon footprint

We constantly seek eco-sourced products to favor resource frugality, using, for example, PEFC-certified wood or inventing new acoustic collections that eliminate the use of bituminous products.

All our products have FDES allowing their carbon assessment. In recent years, many actions have been taken to reduce the use of transportation through local purchases (1/city, 2/region, 3/country), group logistics, and the renewal of the entire vehicle fleet.

For example, by the end of 2023, all vehicles in the Cerenn Bron agency will have a Crit’Air 1 rating, and part of the fleet will be hybrid.

Waste and Emissions

We have audited our entire process to identify areas for improvement, then initiated actions at all stages of our professions: industry, construction sites, and offices. Each year, we choose priority actions with a high impact.

For example, we implemented “0 discharge” compliance for our two plants through heavy investments, selective sorting in our offices using an adapted company, and on-site recycling of scraps and packaging. We are also working on the use of bio-sourced and reusable pallets for our partition deliveries.



By inventing Cerenn Services over 30 years ago, we are pioneers in the reuse of movable partitions in France.

20% of our activity is based on the reuse of existing partitions. Each of our agencies has a dedicated team for this service.

Our Ethical Economic Approach

Recycled Materials

The materials in our partitions are recycled.

A+ Certification

Our VOC certification is A+ (very low emission).


Our lacquering units are solvent-free and classified as “Zero Discharge.”

Waste Reduction

Each partition element is ordered and produced as needed to limit waste or material waste.

Optimized Logistics

Our logistics are planned and optimized to reduce our carbon footprint.

CERFF Certification

Our partitions and office pods have CERFF certification.

We have chosen “Made in France” sustainably due to convictions but also as a guarantee of quality and responsiveness for our clients.

Present for decades on our sites, we claim a major role in our circular economies as employers, clients of our local suppliers, and qualified subcontractors in proximity. We attach particular importance to establishing a balanced relationship with each one, especially by limiting their economic dependence and strictly respecting our payment deadlines.

We seek economic sustainability, a guarantee of security for our employees and clients, attested by an existence of over 100 years. For this, we can rely on our shareholders, who are French entrepreneurs and closely accompany our developments and investments, whether they are material or human.