Privacy Redefined

Atol office pods: Privacy Redefined

The Atol space stands out not only for its ability to offer an intimate bubble to its occupants without breaking the visual connection with the outside but also for being an island in that regard. It boasts total modularity while maintaining a link with the surroundings. To align with the trend of modernizing workspaces, these pods restore privacy in open spaces. An ideal space for concentration and reflection, our acoustic Atols allow you to work in tranquility and confidentiality. More than just isolation spaces, they are the perfect solution for multiple needs.

Available in standard dimensions or customizable to accommodate 1 to 6 people, autonomous pods offer a multitude of customization and finishing possibilities. Designed as decorative objects, they play with color to reimagine the layout of large spaces! Practical and ergonomic, Atol can also be small and discreet, making them perfectly suited for companies with more limited spaces. For your comfort, special attention is given to room ventilation. Settle in and breathe… thanks to its silent ventilation system integrated into the ceiling.

BORA & MAHÉ, the 2 configurations of the Atol collection, provide a comfortable private space combining tranquility and privacy.

BORA : Discretion in supreme mode

BORA was conceived to bring total tranquility. The confidentiality of conversations is preserved. A perforated box ceiling ensures sound absorption. The double-glazed walls also ensure acoustic isolation. BORA is a delightful silent bubble.

MAHÉ : tailored refinement

MAHÉ punctuates spaces with a unique design that respects the space it occupies. Its clean lines naturally come together. Its flush door offers perfect visual linearity. MAHÉ subtly invites the gaze.

Office pods: Privacy Redefined



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